Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NAMI Utah Says Good Bye and Good Luck to Staff Member, Liz Felt

One of NAMI Utah’s amazing mental health champions and mentors, Liz Felt, is leaving us for a new position with UNI’s Mobile Crisis Team.

Liz first became involved with NAMI when she was asked by a friend to speak to her Family-to-Family class about her experience with mental illness. Liz fell in love with the support and empathy the class members provided for each other and their family members. She took BRIDGES, loved it, and began volunteering by teaching BRIDGES in the Salt Lake County Jail. Liz was soon hired by NAMI Utah as a Consumer Mentor and held that position for six years! She co-facilitated the Utah Mental Heath Recovery Network (our consumer council), taught in the Salt Lake County Jail, she has overseen the Artists’ Project and supported artists thriving in the art community, was a huge advocate and supporter of NAMI (and still will be I'm sure!!) and served as a mentor on Valley Mental Health’s Jail Diversion Outreach Team.

While we will surely miss her here at NAMI, we know that Liz will continue to do fantastic work as part of the crisis team at UNI. We couldn’t be more excited for her new position, or sadder that she will no longer grace our office with her wonderful energy and positive attitude! We love you Liz!!

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