Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Happens in Class, Stays in Class

With the next round of NAMI Utah’s class for teens, Progression, coming up, you may ask yourself – “why should I sign up? Why should I go if my parents aren’t dragging me?” And to that, I say, “Dude, you are missing out!” Progression is a great class where you can learn about dealing with your problems instead of just letting them drag you through life, all while being taught by teachers who have been there, and been there recently. No detention or quizzes here; just real talk from people who have dealt with what you’re dealing with, and people who are honest, open, and unashamed of their experiences. These teachers will give you
the tools to be proactive about your illness instead of just letting it rule your life. Oh, and did I mention we have an opportunity for you to meet other people your age that are dealing with the same problems? There is no judgment in Progression, and everything you tell the class is confidential. I call it “The Vegas Rule” – what’s said in class, stays in class. What could be better than that?

I haven’t yet mentioned my personal favorite part of Progression – they have been coined “Emotional First-Aid Kits” but I personally thought the name could use a change, so every class gets to call it what they want. What is an “Emotional First-Aid Kit”, you might be asking? These Kits are small boxes that you decorate with supplies we provide, and fill with things that make you feel better when you’re down. Love listening to some smooth R&B jams to chill you out? Pop that iPod in the box! Is a bubble bath more your speed? Tuck a few bottles away in the box! Snuggly stuffed animal from your younger days your go-to? Put that little critter in his new home! These Kits, like Progression, are all about you – how your mind works, how to cope, how to communicate, how to just be you. And you, you will find out, are pretty darn rad – illness or not.

To sign up for Progression, call NAMI Utah at (801) 323-9900. Progression, like all of our classes and support groups, is totally FREE! (And totally awesome, I might add.)

Erin is a Whole Health Care Manager and Mentor at NAMI Utah and is a teacher, teacher trainer, and state trainer for Progression, having taught nearly a dozen classes and trained many people both in Utah and Minnesota in the Progression program. She also likes to think she is pretty cool – most days!

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