Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HB 18 was held in Committee

House Bill 18 was held in Committee

The House Health and Human Services Committee  listened to people who came to speak in favor of the bill. We are grateful to our Executive Director, Jamie Justice, who is advocating diligently on behalf of NAMI’s community and making sure our voices are being heard. After much deliberation, the Committee decided to hold the bill in the committee until the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice Committee (CCJJ) takes a position on the bill. CCJJ has major concerns about the bill given that there is evidence in other states where this kind of legislation negatively impacts those with serious mental illness and drives up incarceration rates. Results that work directly against CCJJ’s efforts to redirect those who are nonviolent offenders with mental illness away from jails and prison and into treatment.

We also want to thank those who took time off work and away from their families to testify against the bill! There is so much power in telling your stories and educating our law makers about what it’s really like for individuals and families, not what those in power believe are happening.‪#‎mentalhealthUT‬

Defeating this bill will not happen without all of your continued support, efforts, emails, phone calls, and presence! The Health and Human Services Committee will likely hear this bill again this week.
It is not over yet, but yesterday’s outcome was a success! 

We will keep you post it.
You can access the committees’ audio link for today at this link http://goo.gl/cehX1F

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